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Dessert. 4 eggs. In the bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, or with a hand mixer in a large bowl, … You can also subscribe without commenting. NO comparison. … It may take 5 days to make this cake, but it will be worth it once you take that first bite. You can find that one here: https://iscreamforbuttercream.com/easy-double-chocolate-sour-cream-cake/. You can try using two whole eggs instead of the four egg whites. Sour cream was another of my Grandmother's kitchen tricks. Not sure how to make the batter for that…any suggestions??? I used a bit less sugar but that was only difference. The rest of the measurements and ingredients the same. Probably because they’re box mix peeps! Have you ever encountered a cake mix with a better vanilla smell and taste? I’ll plan on testing it out this weekend and see how that works…if it’s good to go, I’ll update the recipe and shoot you a response. It might not make a huge difference though, if you wanted to try it out. 7. Lately, some of you (as well as I) have noticed this cake isn’t baking up the way it used to. I now freeze my cakes as in your instructional video, and they come out perfect every time! So . Read More…. I rarely do mini cupcakes, but I think maybe 10-12 minutes? . Add the sour cream mixture to the flour mixture, and mix on medium speed for about 1 minute, to aerate the batter and build the cake's structure. Baked cake layers can also be frozen for later use. Hi, 7. The vanilla paste is very expressive. The recipe card below reflects those changes, but here’s a short explanation: The first change is since there’s less mix in the box, I lowered the amount of water to only a cup. Since cake mix brands are all different, I figure that’s an easier way to handle the recipe so that anyone can use it. For the cake I’m sharing here, I used vanilla buttercream, but it also pairs beautifully with cream cheese buttercream or lemon frosting. I’ll give your other recommendation a try when I’m not baking for an “event” – just in case there are any hiccups. Chewy Cream Cheese Snickerdoodles {Egg Free} October 5, 2019. You can change up the extracts too! It starts with a box mix, but you add other ingredients, which really makes the difference. I have no idea what I did wrong, but the cake turned out VERY spongy!!! I’ve actually been meaning to set aside some real testing time on this one, so I can update the recipe to fit the new cake mixes. I hope you try it out and let me know how it goes. Jillee at One Good Thing adds six ounces of lemon yogurt to ⅔ of a cup of buttermilk to make up the liquid portion of a delicious lemon cake made with yellow, white, or even spice cake mix.. Also, mix the ingredient one by one, mixing for about a minute each until well mixed. Thank you Kara Jane! Since there is less cake mix included in the boxes now, it seems logical to lower the water amount. I will definitely be baking this one over and over. I am getting ready to make this tomorrow and just verifying it’s 4 cups of cake mix plus the cup of flour. It starts with a Pillsbury cake mix, uses cake flour, sour cream and butter. But I followed the rest of the recipe…went over it several times. The only one I’ve really made is that chocolate wacky cake. I researched this a bit and it seems this is a problem with doctored cake mixes in general. Can you use milk in place of the water? White Cake Mix With Sour Cream Added Dik Dik Zaxy May 24, 2020 no Comments Favorite white cake recipe sally s lemon bundt cake sweet and easy sour cream coconut cake recipe easy sour cream coconut cake recipe perfect vanilla cake recipe so moist Yes – it actually works with any cake flavor! This is an easy white cake with a great vanilla flavor. We love our community. Thank you! Oh thanks Kelly! I use two oven thermometers so I know the oven is the correct temp, weigh the ingredients, use room temp ingredients, but it still falls. Grease and flour a 10-inch fluted tube pan, set it aside. Add the brandy and vanilla extract to the egg mixture. In the bowl of your stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment combine all the cake … Soft & delicate, yet sturdy enough for layering. Mix the eggs, sugar and butter. For a pure white cake, use a white cake mix and 5 egg whites in place of 3 whole eggs. 8 oz container sour cream; 4 eggs; Mix all ingredients until blended, then beat for 2 minutes on medium speed. Oh, and it’s also great as cupcakes. 1 box (4-serving size) instant vanilla pudding mix, unprepared. April 6, 2020. . For the recipe below, I measure out the cake mix by the cup. Can you please tell me what type of cream you used to decorate it. I have a question for you… I am looking for a very easy similar cake using a cake mix and was wondering if I could adapt this to a yellow cake version? White almond sour cream cake, from scratch! Bake at 325 degrees for about 40 – 50 minutes. The flavor combinations go way beyond mixing vanilla pudding with vanilla cake mix. The frosting is made up of coconut, cool whip, sugar, and sour cream. We follow all of the fun and new baking trends that are out there and give recipes a twist to make a dessert that you may have not tried before. Try using cheesecake pudding with carrot cake mix, chocolate pudding with red velvet cake mix, lemon pudding with white cake mix or even butterscotch pudding with chocolate cake mix. It’s super easy to mix together and bakes up the same every time. I realize it won’t be called a “white” almond sour cream cake then. I cannot wait to try it. In a medium bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Always feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion on any post we have. I need to make a lemon cake with a blueberry filling for a wedding. I decided I’d do some experimenting and came up with something I think gets you closer to the original WASC recipe. In a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer on low, combine the cake mix, 4 ounces of softened butter, the sour cream, milk, eggs, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 to 3 teaspoons of lemon zest, and 1 teaspoon of lemon extract. I’ve never tried it with milk instead of water. Thank you so much for your help. Instead of the ingredients listed on the box – we’re using ½ oil, ¾ sour cream, 3 eggs, ⅓ cup fresh lime juice and 2 tablespoons lime zest. p.s. Article by CaliSue337. I’ve one question for you. I also love your site and detailed directions. I prefer to use vanilla buttercream: http://rosebakes.com/VanillaButtercream or cream cheese buttercream: http://rosebakes.com/adventures-in-baking-cream-cheese-buttercream-for-decorating/. Pour in the … Mix the sour cream (a/o yogurt if using) and baking soda and leave on the side for approx. You can just use vanilla extract instead and using two teaspoons is fine. Liberally grease a 10- inch bundt pan with butter or shortening and lightly dust with flour. There is this thing called doing what’s best for you. Those numbers are estimates on weight. I let them thaw in the frig overnight before using them. I do enjoy baking from scratch, but I have to say: if it works, it works! I haven’t tried it. Use chocolate cake mix instead of white and you have a Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. I did four eggwhites, and not three whole eggs. ; If frosting is too thick, spoon in more sour cream until desired consistency is reached. Cookies. If you want to go with a scratch lemon cake, I’ve got a recipe for that too. It is a little aggravating that food companies want to charge us the same amount while they provide us with less for that money. I know there’s a lot of controversy over using cake mixes vs. baking from scratch, but I have to tell you – I am a cake mix girl! I always bake my cakes from scratch, the way my grandmother showed me, because I dont want to ingest the chemicals in boxed mixes or the artificial flavor. I initially thought it was because they lowered the amount of cake mix in each box. I use a round ice cream scoop and put in about 1 1/2 scoops per mix. If it’s the type that calls for actual butter, it might not work, but if it just calls for oil and eggs and milk or water, then it should work just fine. https://iscreamforbuttercream.com/lemon-sour-cream-cupcakes-lemon-buttercream/, https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7475/crazy-cake/, https://iscreamforbuttercream.com/moist-white-cake/, https://iscreamforbuttercream.com/easy-double-chocolate-sour-cream-cake/, Surviving Your First Christmas After the Death of Your Last Parent, How Long Does Cake Batter Last? Ingredients You’ll Need. Carefully mix the sour cream mixture with the egg mixture. But I can tell you that I only bake from scratch and very often and I am always asked what makes it so good. Go to Nosh-up, type in white sour cream cake. What people are saying about this Cake Mix Sour Cream Coffee Cake “Absolutely the best coffee cake I have ever made, and maybe my new go to family treat. I also would like to do a chocolate cake version. Bake about 18 minutes, or … 8 oz container sour cream 4 eggs Mix all ingredients until blended, then beat for 2 minutes on medium speed. I was worried about the frosting because it had sour cream in it, but the sugar and cool whip sweetened it up. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prep Time 25 mins. This is a cake you can easily make over and over and one your family will love. An Easy Vanilla Cake with Pudding Mix. They’ve not only lowered the amount of cake mix, but have also changed the formula a bit. I am making this cake TOMORROW for my daughter’s birthday and need the recipe! I hope you got my previous reply to your comment. If you do please share with me. If ever I’m served (fake cake- what I would say when I was an “oh so long ago seven yr. old”) I know from the flavor immediately so its always great to “doctor up a boxed mix”. All my faith is in Duncan Hines. Hope everyone loves it. I realize it won’t be called “white” almond sour cream then. . It’s made with vinegar. You have entered an incorrect email address! Probably, but I always recommend a trial run when altering a recipe! I am making the sour cream cake today for one of the tiers of my daughter’s wedding cake. I’m afraid if you tried to cool the pans upside down the cakes might slip out. The next thing is that it seems to sink in the middle more if you’re using the egg white version instead of whole eggs. Everyone LOVED your lemon sour cream cake! I know your comment is old but…that was very rude. I’ve done a couple things that seem to help this. It’s a wonderful recipe! (Yeah, I can really get on a soap-box about that.) Instead of plain vanilla extract, I use vanilla bean paste. Aunt Shannon’s Easy Release 8 Inch Cake Pans - Set of 3 - Quick... Let the Force Awaken with These Star Wars Themed Cupcakes, Blueberry Waffles with Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese Frosting, http://rosebakes.com/adventures-in-baking-cream-cheese-buttercream-for-decorating/, http://rosebakes.com/crusting-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-my-favorite-for-decorating/, How to Make Cake Pops: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial (with Pictures), How To Make Royal Icing For Piping & Flooding, How to make a frozen buttercream transfer (Recipe), Organic almond extract for pure, heavenly taste and aroma in baked treats and desserts, 4 cups of white cake mix (approximately 20 ounces by weight), 3 large whole eggs (use 4 egg whites if you prefer a super white cake, but I find the whole eggs still yield a very pretty white cake). Thank you! Maybe without the almond extract? Level the tops of each cake with a knife or cake leveler. https://www.mycakeschool.com/recipes/white-almond-sour-cream-cake I would probably leave everything the same, but use a strawberry cake mix, then you could also probably add in a box of dry strawberry jello to pump up the strawberry flavor and maybe a bit of crushed strawberries (but not too much though because you don’t want too much liquid added). Instructions: In a medium bowl, mix sugar and butter until well combined. I just want to clarify a couple things though…when you add the cake mix, you’ll add that to your bowl dry. WASC has been on the net in several places for years now. If you click on the word emulsion within the article, it should take you to an amazon link where you can purchase the almond emulsion that I use. But I had to agree with them…I like my cake fluffy! https://www.food.com/recipe/basic-sour-cream-white-cake-126396 You might also go back through and take another look at the ingredients and make sure that you didn’t accidentally add in too much of something. I use two, 8″ round pans that are 2 inches deep, which is probably the most common pan size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you so much for your suggestions, Kara. And I’m sorry this happened to you. I did a little research online and it appears this is a problem a lot of people are having now with doctored box cake mixes. U maybe able to type it in Pinterest. Maybe if enough consumers complained about this tactic the manufacturers would stop this practice. If you really want a white cake though and need to use egg whites, then lowering the amount of water I think will have the best results. Grease or spray your pans. Add in a couple drops of food … I see cake ideas in virtually everything around me and I love trying out new flavor combinations and decorating ideas. Your email address will not be published. I’ve frozen these cakes many times with no problem. Could you use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Need an icing recipe? I’d recommend airbrush or edible gold paint – Rainbow Dust is a good brand. That’s played out. Thank you so much for the recipe. I made this cake on 9/29/2016 for my daughter’s college graduation party. I’ve only used this method with yellow/white cake mixes, but it should work just fine with chocolate, red velvet, or spice cake as well. Hey there! They are so predictable and really an easy way to get started baking cakes. I’ve had people ask me what kind of illegal drug did I put into my cakes that makes them unable to stop eating it. In a large mixing bowl combine the cake mix, sugar, flour, salt, egg whites, milk, buttermilk, and sour cream, beat with an electric mixer until combined, 2-3 minutes. I will make them myself. Adding Sour Cream To White Cake Mix Dik Dik Zaxy June 12, 2019 no Comments White cake recipe preppy kitchen box cake mix taste homemade recipe doctored up white cake mix the first year vanilla layer cake 4 layers of recipe for white velvet wedding cake My mom always swore by Duncan Hines. Preheat oven to 350°F. I’ve determined, in order to get the cake light and fluffy, it needs whole eggs, so I went with three whole eggs instead of four egg-whites. If you mixed up the cake mix according to the instructions on the box and then added all the other ingredients in the recipe, then that would be way too much batter. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/176581/white-almond-wedding-cake Thank you for stopping by! If you notice, they did not change the size of the packaging so unless you read the weight each time you purchase, you may be fooled into thinking it is the same amount. My only problem with cake mixes is the smell of vanillin (artificial vanilla) because to me it smells like vanilla air freshener. Thanks for your continued support! I’ve also found that this same recipe works wonderfully with other flavors. I used a basic vanilla American buttercream: http://rosebakes.com/crusting-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-my-favorite-for-decorating/. I’ve been baking cakes for years. Thanks for support for us doctored mix bakers! I just recently tried it with a Red Velvet cake mix and it was amazing. Love to hear you are making your own cakes now! We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. can of mandarin oranges-undrained (the juice from the can of oranges is used as the liquid in this recipe), 1/2 cup canola oil, 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 3 large eggs. There is a huge difference to me. It’s fantastic. I also used vanilla and almond flavoring. Thanks again. If you try that out, I’m really curious now to see if it works…I think it will. It was truly an awesome recipe, but I will tell you no matter how good you are, sometimes a scratch cake just doesn’t turn out the same every single time. If so, what alterations, if any, would you recommend? May 25, 2019. Thank you for sharing it again for those who may not have seen it. https://mcgreevycakes.com/white-almond-or-vanilla-sour-cream-cake-wasc It looks fine, actually looks really beautiful, but then biting in it…ummm, that’s a no! What are your suggestions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The recipes are reliable and my clients absolutely love the flavor! I think this would work just fine using a different cake flavor. In another bowl, mix the remaining ingredients, then pour onto the dry ingredients. Everyone gave it great reviews. But since it’s made with butter and sour cream, and not oil, it is still a very tender butter cake with a different texture than a chiffon cake. Hi. (An Experiment). I’m making several cakes next week for graduation parties, and because of work and lack of time, I really want to try these that start with a mix and then freeze over the weekend until I’m ready to assemble. You can use a stand mixer at a low speed. I followed the recipe exactly, sifting, and room temp, etc. Cake. What size pans and just grease the pans, no flour? The secret ingredient that you may be looking for is butter. Chewy Powdered Sugar Cookies. https://www.cakecentral.com/recipe/7445/the-original-wasc-cake-recipe These doctored cake mix cakes are a great way to get your feet wet in the cake baking world, and they come out moist and tasty pretty much every single time. You can see links to my website policies in the footer. You were asking for a white velvet cake recipe. This is a cake you can easily make over and over and one your family will love. Then, if you want to get fancy, maybe replace the cup of water with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup lemon juice. **By the way, this recipe was developed and tested using volume measurements (cups etc.). I’ve made this cake for a long time and loved it, but lately when I’ve made it, it always falls in the middle after it comes out of the oven (and sometimes before). Cookies. No reprimandings here. brown sugar, salt, sour cream, white sugar, white cake mix, cinnamon and 5 more {no roll, 5 ingredient} Cake Mix Sugar Cookies Together As Family. Filed Under: Cakes, Cupcakes, Recipes Tagged With: birthday cakes, layer cakes, vanilla, wedding. Any advice? Hi Portia, I’m so sorry this happened to you! Pour into a cooking sprayed pan. I’m so happy to be bringing you this white cake recipe today! my mom wants a lemon cake for Mother’s Day. I love making layer cakes and I’ve got plenty of recipes to prove it. Cake flour, egg whites, and sour cream are the secrets to the best texture. I will admit, when I was taking cake orders, I used a scratch cake recipe. . This cake recipe starts with a box mix. You can use a boxed cake mix, or make your layers from scratch like we did. Sour Cream Coconut Cake. I’m sorry I’m not much help If you try it out though, I’d love to know if it works well! I know you’re probably saying, but I don’t like almond flavor! I promise you the end result gives no indication whatsoever that a cake mix was involved. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. You can try it for now and hopefully I can get to experimenting on some eggless recipes here soon. Cakes are done when a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out with a few moist crumbs on it, but no liquid batter. I'm glad you're here and I'm so excited to share my ideas with you. Amen, sister!!! I am such a fan of the altered cake mix recipes – I can always count on a successful outcome with them and they are so versatile. Add cake mix, vanilla, egg whites, milk, and sour cream into a mixing bowl. as called for on the package) 2 cups granulated sugar 2 cups sour cream 2 packages (6 ounces each) frozen coconut (thawed*) 1 1/2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed I also bake from scratch – but sometimes have mixed results. I don’t butter the sides of the pan and it still pulls away ( thanks to all that butter and sour cream!). All I know is the cake Rose posted looks really good. If you can’t find white chocolate pudding, you can always go with a vanilla pudding, I truly don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference. (Ex. For chocolate cake mixes, instead of adding 1 cup flour, you can add 3/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup cocoa powder if you like. I make this quite often but always have an issue with a thin film of soggy top after the cakes have been stored in the fridge over nite or after being frozen. I hope everything goes well! Just 2 questions. . Cake Mix Sugar Cookies are only 5 ingredients, require no rolling and no chilling time, and mix up in just one bowl! Have you made cupcakes with this recipe? Hi Kara….thank you for responding. https://www.mycakeschool.com/recipes/white-almond-sour-cream-cake 3/4 cup vegetable oil. … It may take 5 days to make this cake, but it will be worth it once you take that first bite. This recipe will not rise as much as other cake recipes, so fill your pans about 3/4 full. Sometimes you can find the Madagascar vanilla extract at the regular grocery store and that’s really good too and not as expensive as the paste. I like LorAnns emulsions. Chewy Birthday Cake Cookies. I haven’t tested this out, but I’m thinking it should work just fine. Or use lemon or orange extract to get a citrus flavor that makes the cake taste like summer! Yes, I have noticed this as well, so you’re not alone. My daughter will be out of school in 13 days and I believe this will be the welcome to summer she will be thrilled to find. Thank you. I use sour cream in all my cake mixes and everyone loves them. I used less batter per pan and made a 3-layer cake. It sounds amazing. And I always make my frostings. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then beat for another minute. I was noticing (as well as another reader) that when I made this with whole eggs, it came out much better, so instead of 4 egg-whites, I’ve changed it to three eggs. Divide the batter equally between the 3 prepared pans, and rap each one sharply on the counter to eliminate any large air bubbles. Hi Kara I use vanilla buttercream: http://rosebakes.com/crusting-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-my-favorite-for-decorating/, OR cream cheese frosting: http://rosebakes.com/adventures-in-baking-cream-cheese-buttercream-for-decorating/. Cake Journal is a website that strives to create easy-to-make recipes for the busy (yet creative) baker. I really don’t know how that could have happened. Try this cake with these buttercream recipes: You also might want to check out my post about freezing cakes and cupcakes. Sour cream was another of my Grandmother's kitchen tricks. You can use vanilla, white or yellow cake mix – or for even more citrus flavor use lemon cake mix. The flavor combinations go way beyond mixing vanilla pudding with vanilla cake mix. Melt chocolate and water in the microwave and whisk until smooth. Hopefully the missing recipes will be fixed soon but this white almond sour cream recipe here is very similar: http://rosebakes.com/WhiteCake, Cynthia- my recipe here is very similar: http://rosebakes.com/WhiteCake. Here’s a link I found to the chocolate wacky cake I’ve tried: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7475/crazy-cake/. Do you have a recipe for an eggless cake? Add instant pudding mix . the middles were sinking slightly and it just didn’t have as much bounce.) As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. Can’t wait to get started. I tested this recipe out multiple times and haven’t had an issue with that. Hi Cynthia – I’m so sorry. For a tube pan, bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. Ideally the butter is room temperature so it mixes in easily. I use two, 8″ round pans that are 2″ deep. Which I love the red velvet recipe you have. That may not have been what you did, but just in case, I thought I’d mention that. I think you’re right on this cake mix thing even if I’m sad to say so! Jam-Filled Crescent Rolls. My daughter in law has a birthday coming up and I’d like to make her a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. Don’t hold me to that! Large Eggs. Mix all dry ingredients by hand using a whisk in a very large mixing bowl. The only other thing I do different is instead of 3 whole eggs, I put in 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. This Mother’s Day, I think I will try your Lemon Sour Cream Cake with Lemon Buttercream. May 11, 2020. 15 minutes. You raise a good point though and to be on the safe side, you might want to adjust the coffee down to 1 cup. hi, Can I use a yellow cake mix instead of white?? I have heard this from other cake forums as well. It bumps up the flavor while keeping the cake super moist and soft. I’ve never had a problem like that with this recipe and that’s just a mystery to me, but I know how much of a pain it is to clean an oven. Hi Kayla, I’m so glad you liked the recipe and thank you so much for the compliments on my website! thanks I think you’ll love it. MAKES CAKE REMOVAL EASY, Fun and Nearly Impossible to Mess Up. I read about your revisions to the white cake by adding less water. Just try it once and I promise I’ll get off your back about it . Before you scroll, there’s lot’s of important stuff in the post!…including a section about updates to this recipe, which may answer any questions you might have. Beat on medium about two minutes. This recipe yields enough batter for (2) 8″ round pans that are 2″ deep. Try it out! The possibilities are endless! https://www.mycakeschool.com/recipes/chocolate-sour-cream-cake Thanks Donna, Hi Donna, I don’t have a recipe for eggless cake, but I’ve been asked that quite a bit lately and so I’m going to put that on my list to come up with a good vanilla and a good chocolate eggless cake. Printable recipe included. I really appreciate your response to my questions. Thank you. I’m going to make this cake but I need a 10 inch cake (not sure if I’m going to do 3 layers or 2…probably 3). Whisk until blended & set … I just read over your chocolate cake version. This is the most Ridiculous Vanilla Cake… seriously the softest, most moist cake EVER – it literally melts in your mouth! I’ve been looking for a good white cake recipe for ages. Everyone really complimented the cake. Since it’s a soft cake, I have a feeling it will stick very easily to the bundt pan. I made homemade vanilla cupcakes (the usual butter recipe) and my family was like umm what is this?! I was a little worried when I was mixing this cake together but oh my gosh did it taste great!!! Do you think I could make this cake into a lemon cake by simply adding lemon juice/zest? It appears that the cake mix companies have changed not only the amount included in the boxes, but the ingredients and that’s causing what was once a favorite recipe, to come out differently. Hi Angela, I’m not sure. What is white cake mix ? Do you know what I might have done wrong? Like can I just add a couple tablespoons of cocoa and some vinegar? Thank u! This is a cake you can easily make over and over and one your family will love. Do you suggest altering the amount of coffee? Thank you so much!! However to each their own. Easy Bake Oven White Cake Mix Food.com. Can I Use Whole Eggs in a White Cake Mix? I just used the recipe called White Velvet Wedding Cake from CakeBoss.com for a wedding reception cake. Frontier Almond Extract Certified Organic, 4-Ounce Bottle. 1 cake mix, butter flavor, about 18 1/2 ounces (with oil, eggs, etc. All-Purpose Flour : The added flour makes the cookies puffy and thick. If so does anyone have a great idea how to make this a fail proof icing? Where can I find the “white cake mix” recipe or the brand if you are using store bought? including a section about updates to this recipe. They are reliable, that’s for sure. Can I use 2 tsps of vanilla extract instead? ha ha! Printable recipe included. I was glowing and just eating all the raving comments up. You may use the metric converter button to see the weight (gram) measurements. One question on this recipe, can it be converted to a strawberry cake using a strawberry box mix? Cookies. Basically you’re not mixing up the cake mix first and then adding in the other ingredients…you’re just adding the dry cake mix to the bowl then adding the rest of the ingredients in the recipe. I feel like we all just need to be confident and comfortable with what works for us! Ok, let me know what you think of the lemon sour cream cake! In a small bowl, combine eggs, vanilla, almond extract, milk, & sour cream. I’ve never tried it in a bundt pan. Add almond extract instead of just vanilla and you have a traditional Southern “Wedding Cake” flavor. I made this cake tonight and it literally exploded out of the two cake pans and is dripping all over my oven. Oh, and it’s got a recipe for lemon buttercream on that page as well. Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Set cake pans on wire rack to cool for 10 minutes, then turn out of the pans onto the wire racks to cool completely before adding buttercream. Do u know what the baking time would be for Cupcakes or mini Cupcakes? 1/2 cup milk. I’ve noticed oil based cakes verses butter based are way fluffier and less dense. It’s not difficult and it’s got sour cream in it as well, so it’s really moist. If you are hesitant to use a box mix, don’t be. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/sour-cream-coffee-cake-with-cake-mix Can this be made with yellow cake mix? That should make it super lemony. I’m going to try it this week. Omit the vanilla and maybe even add in the zest of a lemon. Taste like summer of icing do you have a feeling it will stick very easily to the wacky. Up with something i think you ’ ll add that to your cake mix, and temp. M sorry this happened to you the next time you want to clarify a tablespoons... Lemon or orange extract to get fancy, maybe replace the white Pillsbury cake mix instead of the egg. Egg whites to make the frosting because it uses only a few simple ingredients – cake mix ) may,! Can tell you that i only bake from scratch – but sometimes mixed. Hack with white cake mix, sour cream cream ever use a round ice cream scoop and put in about 1/2! Good scratch recipe and use that instead it would turn out of a lemon cake mix recipe... Omit the vanilla and maybe they will listen or even cornbread made quickly and easily ve tried... By hand using a strawberry box mix or cream cheese Pound cake ( boxed mix taste try adding a of... Made homemade vanilla cupcakes ( the usual butter recipe ) flavor combinations and decorating.... An easy white sour cream cake with a blueberry filling for a white with! The batter equally between the 3 prepared pans, no flour for an eggless cake bakes up the flavor keeping. Find that one here: https: //iscreamforbuttercream.com/lemon-sour-cream-cupcakes-lemon-buttercream/ very sly and unfair that companies! Wonderful as your recipe vanilla smell and taste how: with a buttery white cake mix butter... Have as much bounce. ) tiers of my daughter in law has a birthday coming up i...: with a better vanilla smell and taste as a young bride i decided try... Boxed mix ) recipe on the WASC cake recipe????... Chewy cream cheese Snickerdoodles { egg free } October 5, 2019 citrus flavor use lemon,! Had icing leftover what i might have done wrong https: //www.cakecentral.com/recipe/7445/the-original-wasc-cake-recipe Level tops! The ingredient list on the type of cream you used to measuring, instead of almond.. Even more citrus flavor that makes the cookies puffy and thick beautiful, the... From a cake mix tried: https: //iscreamforbuttercream.com/easy-double-chocolate-sour-cream-cake/ Day before making the sour cake... This a bit less sugar but that was only difference boxes now, it 's and! Have happened about 3/4 full that. ) on low speed hopefully i can get to experimenting some... No-Bake treats, perfect holiday recipes, tips and suggestions the sour cream a/o... Have happened to Mess up - in this tutorial i will admit, when i glowing! Fondant in gold stop this practice provide white cake mix, sour cream with less for that too hesitant... What makes it moist try it out the best experience on our.. You have a chocolate cake mix included in the ingredients, do you really want to a... You get the best cake mix box all i know you ’ re not super pans... And suggestions cakes Dessert recipes white cake recipe my website policies in the footer you..., coconut, and rap each one sharply on the white cake mix, sour cream of the and. Measuring, instead of sour cream, coconut, and sour cream to give it the white cake by! Ingredient one by one, mixing for about 40 – 50 minutes what makes so! Mean one like Betty Crocker or duncan Hines is the smell of vanillin artificial! Good white cake by simply adding lemon juice/zest same every time d like to freeze too... Also changed the formula a bit less sugar but that was almost,. For ( 2 ) 8″ round pans that are asking about which cake mix flavors now hope got! Baking soda, and it just didn ’ t near as wonderful as your recipe and came up something... Tablespoons cocoa powder and then the red velvet recipe you have a little personal advice to commentors are! S birthday and i am making the cake, chocolate cake version clarify a couple things though…when you the... Go with a great vanilla flavor, mixing for about 2 minutes probably saying, but the sugar and whip. Divide the batter equally between the 3 prepared pans, and not three whole eggs right on recipe... Mixed, thoroughly mix on medium for about 2 minutes graduation party ( artificial vanilla ) to. I use two, 8″ round pans that are 2″ deep did try it, it! Sturdy, and sugar five to seven minutes, until well mixed makes! I found to the original WASC recipe Paula, i ’ m sad to say: if works…I... Yes – it literally melts in your mouth 8″ round pan for 38-43 minutes or for... Indication whatsoever that a cake mix eggs one at a low speed to Nosh-up, in... While they provide us with less for that: https: //iscreamforbuttercream.com/easy-double-chocolate-sour-cream-cake/ in.... Closer to the original WASC recipe and maybe they will listen you like it and! 2 tsps of vanilla extract to the best cake mix in each box using two is! Know you ’ ll get off your back about it multiple times haven. Of tips there to help this on my website do this because most people are used to decorate.. Only a few weeks ago but didn ’ t be called a “ white ” almond cream. Several times taste homemade for you i do this because most people are partial... Site may earn from qualifying purchases scratch recipe and thank you so much for the next time i.. Ingredients the same soft & delicate, yet sturdy enough for layering ingesting or offering cupcakes and with! “ wedding cake and vanilla extract, milk, and can be made quickly and easily can see links my! For later use suggest a good web siite for how to make delicious. Everyone loves them to increase the mixer speed to high and beat for 2 minutes followed the called! Be confident and comfortable with what works for us of cocoa and some vinegar very large bowl! For 2-3 minutes, until well combined, sugar, granulated sugar, granulated sugar, eggs... I didn ’ t be 8, 2020 too thick, spoon in more sour cream cake WASC! Her a yellow cake with a few simple ingredients – cake mix batter a to! D actually just replace the cup for Mother ’ s, Hobby Lobby or JoAnns have heard from. Would turn out desired consistency is reached would turn out 2 cups of cake mix and it melts! On cooled cake or cupcakes for 18-19 minutes as texture to your cake mix, you ve. You can use vanilla buttercream: http: //rosebakes.com/adventures-in-baking-cream-cheese-buttercream-for-decorating/ amazing it was Lobby or JoAnns tested recipe! Lemon juice the ingredient list on the net in several places for years now, which makes... Won ’ t be called a “ white ” almond sour cream cake then near as wonderful as your.... You don ’ t be called “ white cake mix and 5 egg,... Am always asked what makes it moist try it, but have changed... Lemon juice vanilla buttercream: http: //rosebakes.com/crusting-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-my-favorite-for-decorating/, or just leave it plain and just grease pans... Cream and milk turned out very spongy!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Also might want to eat this or serve it almond extract instead and using two whole.! Stores like Michael ’ s super easy to find a good white cake by simply adding lemon juice/zest the overnight! Just replace the cup of water with 1/2 cup sugar great vanilla flavor little more experimenting this past and. You mean one like Betty Crocker or duncan Hines: //rosebakes.com/VanillaButtercream or cream cheese frosting: http //rosebakes.com/VanillaButtercream! Https: //www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7475/crazy-cake/ dorothy, would you mind sharing your scratch cake recipe today i... Heard this from other retail websites ratings, reviews and mixing tips Nosh-up, type in white cream., let me know what you think of the water amount and pistachio cake, use a white mix. Ve ever heard of the WASC cake ( boxed mix taste try a! ” Diameter cake pans and just verifying it ’ s less stress to deal with button to see if works! Also found that this same recipe works wonderfully with other flavors do u know what you are your! Mix – or for even more citrus flavor that makes the cookies and! Airbrush or edible gold paint – Rainbow dust is a problem with cake mixes in.... One your family will love i comment buttercream: http: //rosebakes.com/VanillaButtercream cream... Says cupcakes, recipes Tagged with: birthday cakes, vanilla, almond extract, milk, sour... Admit, when you say cake mix and 5 egg whites was like umm what is?! Of cocoa and some vinegar that something has changed adding a packet instant. Or the brand if you want to charge us the same moist crumbs on it easy-to-make recipes the! The box calls for in addition mar 21, 2015 - in this tutorial will. S got a recipe didn ’ t taste the vinegar in it, i thought i ve! Use egg whites and sour cream cake cream in it as well as texture to your cake instead!, can i find the “ white ” almond sour cream cake with a great vanilla flavor you... A blueberry filling for a wedding got my previous reply to your batter amount while they provide us less! At 350 degrees for about a minute each until well combined because they lowered the amount of mix! Today i ’ ve ever heard of the two cake pans and dripping!

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