i am chef because

Appreciate any opinions or advice anyone in the business has to offer. !it’s hard work when you get busy you got fast and ready.I work in a very busy casino the crew I work with we put out 800 to a 1000 meal in 8 hours in everything is made to order.To anyone who wants to work in restaurants kitchen good luck. Maybe so, but he’s always known I am not OK with this. I have 2 questions – What should I start learning? I am a chef - Because I don't mind hard work Men's T-Shirt Unlimited options to combine colours, sizes & styles Discover T-Shirts by international designers now! There are two problems one is being I have no money of paying for to become a chef much less for school. I love being able to know what I brought to the table is me and is something I can be happy about. Tired? There are a million duties that have to completed everyday. Sorry but this is a load of bullcrap. But that’s all part of the journey. You don’t want to do anything in food!!! My name is Casey Hanks, I just have to say this is spot on and I’m definitely one of the self taught types who is fed up with the idealistic culinary grad who knows not, after several years of schooling and thousands of $, what they’ve actually gotten in to. Worse yet, they may have stars in their eyes. Even though being a line cook is more prestigious, the hours remain grueling and you are under even more pressure to get the food out. Do you want to Cook? I want to be a chef ,what kind of course K will get? I love to cook, it a unconditional passion. Just because I am a chef doesn't mean I don't rely on fast recipes. I agree with this advice! I get to travel all over the United States teaching new chefs. Learn how your comment data is processed. A food warrior is someone who knows the food is important regardless of who is eating or cooking it. Always, always seek feedback. we shouldn’t give up. There are cooking school teachers, food stylists, caterers, and restaurant consultants to name a few. Chef Nigella Lawson has done it again. Dedicated chefs are often misunderstood by their family, friends lovers. Practice in your home. Forget being a celebrity chef for the moment. Chores and hard work means you get experience. Then, I will know that all the pain, frustration, and hard work was worth it. Well chef, I was reading all the comments and I was preparing my introduction to ask you how to become a chef, I mean where can I apply, but after I read the age issue, I don’t know, I’m 57 years old man, yes it’s true that all my life I dream to be a chef, eventually I could carry my courage and searched the net to find my goal, I love cooking, so much, I love to cook and I always ask for feedback, I love to make people enjoy my cooking, mostly they does, I understand I can’t move in the kitchen like younger guys, but I saw many older chefs are so creative, I understand they’ve spent all their lifes hard working to be what they are, Over the years I’ve learned some recipes that can impress people, but I can’t say I understand the methodology of the recipies, Irony is, I still want to be an executive chef in a five star hotel, believe it or not, I’m willing to work hard, to travel to any recomended culinary school and attend classes to become a chef, Thanks for everyone for contributing and advising. CHINA, Maine — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families in Maine and around the world are struggling.A 9-year-old from China, Maine, thought of a way to help out those in need. I like the fact you touched on cleaning the kitchen. Good. you remain undiscouraged like me – Good Luck and Bon Appetite! You are a chef. I am working as a cook (i don’t call myself a chef, not even if it will be 5 or 10 years from now) because you just can’t be a chef just because you graduate from a culinary school and have 10 years of experience in my opinion it does not work like that, you have to make achievements and prove to everyone that you’re good at your job. For a long time, he hid his pot use from me and was not doing it at home, but now he works from home because … Before you shut down your desktop and hit record on your DVR, maybe you should think about it; Do you like to cook? Run!!! hello I’m a chef.. you want to be apply for industrial training any five star hotel. Example #17 "I am a hard worker who does not hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure successful completion of projects, and I am more than willing to take on duties beyond my original job scope. OK, let’s start at the beginning. You’ve broken down two beef tenderloins, the same way you did last week to show the prep cook how to do it, skinned 4 fillets of salmon, cursed 6 more times at overcooked items, yelled more salt, make your pans hotter, less oil, don’t over cook that sh-t, at least 15 times- and now you’re ready to go back to your office chair. "I am the best candidate for the job because I am quick, I am always on time, and I am flexible working various hours thorough the day." And yes, a real chef at a Relais & Châteaux. Food network is a blessing and a curse. Verified Purchase. im 16 very soon and dont have much money. But here’s another point of contention with professional chefs. On my day off? You will be able to eat good delicious foods And so on, There are probably more cons than pro’s but if you really love what you are doing hen you will have the best thing in life , This is just what i know and what i experience . I cook at home and for friends and family, at one point in time I owned a Home cooking/BBQ restaurant, which I had to close to go into the famiiliy business. Everyone should read something this true before embarking on this difficult career path. So you still want to be a chef? Say goodbye to a social life. You still have yet to make one loan repayment because had you done that- well then you wouldn’t have any extra to put gas in your car to even get work today. You’re ready to look at the days leftover product and create specials. You don’t have the time to go out with your friebds or visit your family We could think of relatioins between Passion/Salary/Rural/City. It doesn’t matter what a resume looks like, it’s all about what hits the plate! Indeed, we all have moments when, pressed for time, we'll use a can of tuna and a tomato for a first course. I’ve been at a culinary college for one year, and I bloody hate it. I went to one term of culinary school to learn all the basics and culinary terms so I didn’t look like a complete noob in the kitchen and had some basic knife skills. You go to another meeting. So you want to be a chef? My father, Michael, is 47, he is a chef in a restaurant. Thank you for your all opinions, guys! This is hard. A better chance of being on the food network…with all those personalities like emeril and Rachel Ray…..no thanks. I want to tell me what can i do to always keeping it going? I hate most of my job but I love it at the same time. Good luck ma’am. Earn money there and while you’re doing your job try to observe what they do in the kitchen you wont just be earning money for school but you are also learning. 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You have to DO something, not just dream and think about owning a dozen restaurants. You can eat when you taste your food (tasting is eating) I have been cooking (or attempting to cook) Chinese for going on 25+ years. wheres the fun in that ? You will do more than your share of “scut work” first. Once you’ve settled all that you can finally call in your orders. The temperature on the refrigerator is reading 52 degrees; pause-if you did not see a problem here- immediately stop reading and open to page f–king one of your culinary school handbook, or quit now. This is the second in command, right under the executive chef. hi my name is Tashanna Smith,am the age of 19 and i lived in Jamaica. TODAY ONLY! And do better. Do you like your family? So, what should I do? http://insatiablefoodies.blogspot.com/2014/06/thinking-about-culinary-school.html, Interesting discussion! You don’t earn that much A chefs work isn’t like this. You will learn about nutrition and mass cooking. Chef, where’s the eggs?-they ask you. Do your preps Good, you just now placed your orders and it’s hardly 1:30pm. Learn the difference between boiling, pan frying, baking, deep frying, and brazing and now different ingredients react under different cooking conditions. Feel free to contact me or my restaurant just follow the link below and you’ll find our contact info. I would like to work in restaurant. Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Let me ask you a question…. Haha, how much did that cost, you should probably ask for a refund.” Or my personal favorite; “ When was the last time you opened your culinary school handbook, that’s page 1, page one bullshit. In fact you’ll be lucky to get into a kitchen. So you say… “look behind the creamer”. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. [CDATA[ That is going to do you the best amount of good. You’ve spent weeks learning recipes, techniques, tools, kitchen function and terms to make you a successful chef. You just don’t cook food but you also have to clean the kitchen You’ve barely begun to pick up your knife before the Sous Chef stands breathing away over neck yelling at you that your standing incorrectly, or your station is not organized enough, or your not cutting correctly. Just because the restaurant hours are such… does not mean no one is working. I’m 17 yrs old I’m a girl I’m so passionate with cooking being a chef is my dream and I like creating my own menu and I’m willing to learn about cooking but unfortunateley I don’t have money to further my studies after high school. Cool gift for friends, family or yourself. You wake up early . 269.2k Followers, 2,912 Following, 773 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from i am sophia (@sophia_roe) Ask for honest critiques and learn from them. I hate fish, but people love it when i cook it for them. Hi Isham, if you go to http://www.gatewaygourmet.com/so_you_want_to_be_a_chef.htm you’ll find some good information that may answer your question. Casey Hanks, I want to be a chef but I’m poor my parents can’t afford it, I like your website I always wanted to be a chef. From a hopeful line chef, it’s simple get admission in Diploma of hospitality and be a chef and gain more experience, hi my name is toni grant and i loveing cooking thats why i want to be a chef im in high school now im in 11 th but ya can u tell me how it is all about. He’s focusing on the negatives because that’s what it’s like ! I belongs India… which college should I join for becoming a chef so that I could work in 5-star hotels n resorts…… as I don’t have any kind of experience in this field of cooking….please help me its a very precious time for me to take some steps after engineering… because its my age of earning…. Felt your stomach growl while looking through Instagram, or other social media sites depicting what your friends are eating. Very few grow up to be Bobby Flay! There is one other dream that I want to be but like I said culinary is my passion an mission in life I am and will be at home in the culinary field. It will make you hate cooking. Then the decision of whether to do a general training or specialize in baking straight off the bat. Sounds good to me, I’m still going to work hard to be a chef. Culinary is my passion and my mission in life what do I do? Is there anything you could say to help me? I am 22 years old, iam really want to be a confectioner!! When a server walks up to the hot pass and shouts “Table 63, customer says best T-Bone ever!”. //

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