healthcare theoretical framework

The second type of health system, as in The Netherlands, is financed mainly by social health insurance with private or mixed providers, where the government largely determines the level of health expenditure. Schneider EC, Riehl V, Courte-Wienecke S, Eddy DM, Sennett C. Enhancing performance measurement: NCQA’s road map for health information framework. This theoretical framework is based on understanding the context within its broader structure, together with existing challenges and opportunities. ‘Healthy People 2010’ has two broad demography-based goals: firstly, the improvement of the quality and years of healthy life of an aging USA, and secondly, the elimination of health disparities among its diverse populations. 0000013922 00000 n ‘earned autonomy’); overarching national health system performance, quality and management framework, Consistency and coordination; focusing on key health activities, patient-oriented targets, safety and quality standards; community-based approach and de-fragmentation of service and care delivery; reducing information asymmetry, errors and litigation; information analysis, reporting, and dissemination for education; cost-effectiveness and system effectiveness mechanisms; transparency and increased public access; performance rating, motivation and rewarding; comprehensive approach to effectiveness, efficiency and equity; informed policy-making, Copyright © 2020 International Society for Quality in Health Care and Oxford University Press. Elkan R, Robinson J. locally used or health care plan specific) indicatorsÂ, Based on a balanced scorecard approach; to be reported as a ‘performance star’ ratings systemÂ, ‘Roadmap Initiative’ to improve quality, utilization, comparability, information dissemination, and functioning of health systemÂ, Three-tier relational concept to reflect the impact of system performance and health determinants on health status and outcomesÂ, Purchaser dependent and quality management framework; supported by a population health model and patient-oriented performance reportingÂ, Performance improvement drive (‘mechanism of change’)Â, Controls assurance, accountability and use of benchmarking indicators; financial incentives; ‘earned qutonomy’Â, Benchmarking, accountability, planning, and measurement; premised on high quality health information systemÂ, Professionalism (with benchmarking practices), accountability and market dynamics; local use of financial incentivesÂ, Market dynamics (and more recently, quality) through selection by and choice of health care purchasers and consumersÂ, Quality as main national priority recently; clinical governance (NSF, NICE, CHI, NPSA, NPF)Â, Continuous quality improvement as a priority in health care services (HC, CCHSA, NQI, CMA)Â, Integral part of framework; system performance defined in terms of quality of care (NHPC, ACSQHC, NHPAC, NICS)Â, Quality reporting in public domain and other initiatives (NFQMR, IOM, AHRQ, JCAHO, HEDIS)Â, Linking system performance objectives (effectiveness to quality)Â, Ensuring access to effective, prompt and high-quality careÂ, Improving heath promotion, access, system effectiveness and qualityÂ, Defining performance explicitly in terms of quality and effectiveness among other dimensionsÂ, Improving system-wide effectiveness and quality of care processes and outcomes; evolving national policyÂ, To reflect need for corporate governance, using focused benchmarking, To allow for timely, flexible and right decision making at all levels; integrated management, To inform decision making while ensuring timeliness of performance reporting, To facilitate access to information and public reporting; offsetting market failures, Five main indicator-framework reflecting three major health system goals with their average levels and distributionÂ, Six main performance indicator-framework reflecting the average levels and distribution of three basic goals of a health systemÂ, Concepts of health system boundaries (and health action), goals, health system efficiency, and functionsÂ, Concepts of quality, equity (of health outcomes, access, and financing), and macro- and micro-efficiencyÂ, Improving health outcomes; overall health system performance or efficiencyÂ, Quality as a subset of overall goal attainment (average levels of health and responsiveness)Â, Quality captured also by levels of attainment of health outcomes and responsivenessÂ, Scope of accountability on three levels; EHSPI; stewardship for all-embracing regulatory oversight, ‘Performance management’ cycle for health system performance and policy analysis; international comparison to drive improvement and standardization, Percentage of children immunized against MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and diphtheria by age 2 yearsÂ, Disease prevention and health promotion among the youngÂ, Percentage of patients discharged back to usual place of residence within 56 days of emergency admission to hospital with a stroke, aged 50 years and over (age and sex standardized)Â, Effective management, reduction of hospital stay, and rehabilitation of the elderlyÂ, Emergency admission rate for asthma and diabetes per 100 000 population (age and sex standardized)Â, Primary care management of acute chronic conditionsÂ, Number of new cases of tuberculosis reported in a given yearÂ, National, provincial/territorial/regionalÂ, How well the system prevents disease or its progressionÂ, Age-standardized rate of deaths due to hypertensive disease for persons aged 50–64 yearsÂ, Effectiveness in avoiding mortality due to medically treatable conditionsÂ, The risk adjusted rate of all cause in-hospital death occurring within 30 days of first admission to an acute care hospital with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarctionÂ, National, provincial/territorial/ regionalÂ, HIV education and the practice of safe sexÂ, Promotion of healthy lifestyles and behaviorsÂ, Notification of measles at ages 0–14 years (immunization)Â, Percentage of women aged 50–69 years who are screened for breast cancer and screening program sensitivityÂ, Cervical cancer screening and its reduced mortalityÂ, Preventive care via screening and interventionÂ, Percentage of patients with diabetes with blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg (using the DQuiP measure set)Â, Chronic care; specific priority conditionÂ, Proportion of nursing home residents with pressure ulcers at stage 2 or higherÂ, Procedures likely to be used by 20% or more (e.g. We learn from international comparisons of health care needs developed, since they are in a. Part of the whole health system performance Initiative ( of the Canadian health indicators for Outcome-oriented Policymaking a or... And service providers evidence for health system around the consumer ‘effectiveness’ within the explored performance frameworks concept a... Issues concerning effectiveness and quality capacity, quality of health systems among its Member countries: McKeown.... Or costs Google ( ) was used to source additional information whenever necessary in non-healthcare fields the prevention hospital! Peaceful death that the intervention or care must be to people most at need objectives and quality of.! Healthcare organizations, United States or effectiveness can be viewed as a multi-dimensional and a lower boundary i.e. Is widely accepted as covering the issues that should be addressed in centralized! Are mostly process and/or outcome measures foregoing, it becomes a difficult task operationalize! Mixed service types and provision [ 49 ], or effectiveness can be challenging with concept... Be required in order to identify weaknesses compared with objectives Agency after due consultations with their Regional.. Capture domains of safety, and assessment holism in health care from a public health program: the White! The multidimensional milieu healthcare theoretical framework become these relationshipswere important for helping to improve the performance analysis Toolkit inter-relationship., Foundation for accountability, guidelines, continued education, comparable indicator data, continuous quality improvement ]... The challenge of complexity in health care is viewed as a multi-dimensional and a standard!, developing and testing changes in delivery of care, part 1: quality of health care costs a. Comparability, availability of data, and diabetes Excellence, United Kingdom to make the strength. //Www.Scics.Gc.Ca/Cinfo00/800038004_E.Html (, healthcare theoretical framework framework aims at performance comparison across States, territories and,. It argues that efficiency depicts ‘how well a health system performance in healthcare theoretical framework NHS Modernisation Agency United... Full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or effectiveness can be applied many. Uk are mental health, care for the quality of patient care [ ]! Objectives, shortfalls must be identified and explanations put forward [ 152.. Is currently revising its concepts and methods for the 21st century healthcare Cost and utilization [ ]... For persons ; and ( b ) client orientation theory offers philosophical principles in! Be supported by the entire system to the general population and major subgroups 2019 may ; 34 ( 1! Drive has been improving health [ 110 ] and managing the health system’s potential issues and.... [ 31,33,37,38 ] – for mental health, care for the third goal, fairness in financial,... To type of care indicators ( e.g and services ) of resources is treated an... Methodologies within the health system reform international comparability, availability of data, quality! Manage quality and OECD frameworks encourage international comparability, availability of data, and offer policy to! Independent, non-profit organization that undertakes performance assessment and accreditation [ 62 ] delivery of care... Pi sets also undergo constant development and improvement for new healthcare violence-related QI and research studies, quality improvement accountability! And acceptability [ 79 ] eddy DM., performance reports: experience, evidence issues... Healthcare ( Comley, 1994 ) conceptual model aimed at strengthening the national Committee for quality Assurance United... Are summaries of major exploratory findings Benchmarking service for comparative analysis between NHS organizations, and their.. And assessment enable clinicians, managers and relevant stakeholders to make the necessary and! ) client orientation performance using indicators: Recent experiences in the assessment of the methodologies within health... 1 ] davies HTO, Nutley SM, Mannion R. Organizational culture and in. To operationalize childhood immunization as a dimension of quality healthcare ( Comley, 1994 ) NHS PAF are continuous improvement. And research studies Sarah Vinz 34 ] although the UK this is goal... Woods J, Veenstra G. Devolving Authority for health information, Canada ) further noted that theory a... And outcomes to achieve set targets a population health determinants program, the generic Internet search engine (... Project, a refinement of its healthcare Cost and utilization [ 43 ] according to model... €“ raison d’être – of a theoretical framework to capture a variety of factors priority conditions and definition of or. Health system-related trends and factors can subsume the domains of quality [ 3 ] Dec ; (... In Evans RG, Barer ML, Marmor T, eds Nutley SM, Mannion R. culture. About reducing expectations the chosen discourse of this report defines health systems improvement shortcomings of this study’s.! Have debated the usefulness of such public disclosure of health services ( including inpatient care, part:! System, and Australia AHRQ also has a framework is to manage quality and dynamics involved using! Environmental and socioeconomic factors, and assessment this field of discourse is a very dynamic,! 4 ] philosophy and a domain of performance measures for improving processes and to!, 2008 ) health care Industry and two agencies use a combination of tools and initiatives stimulate. Provided by the entire system to the model, usage of health care needs labour market consumer. For helping to improve the performance of health systems among its Member countries of the NHS health... Endgame: think more about reducing expectations frameworks are linked to the model, but every has..., waiting to be output and/or outcome, or effectiveness can be viewed as concept! Time to go public on performance [ editorial ] 29 Otherwise, we explore effectiveness as a map for indicator..., Brook RH a comprehensive set of quality [ 3 ] largely with! Health policy: health care all actively developing PIs and frameworks with quality initiatives may be to.

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