diptyque volutes edt

Perfumes: 63109 Yes! Volutes, EDP , lovely bottle, with black sides , very elegant, minimalist and natural. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital. List Name Please enter a list name. The man who's stirring the pot of honey smokes a vanilla cherry tobacco in his pipe and welcomes you. Firma Diptyque … Miłośników perfum: 16082 Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Fabrice Pellegrin. I sometimes wonder about the "stated" notes versus what really went into any fragrance. This is one of those rare instances where about 3-4 hours in I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to go wash (no, SCRUB) it off. The drydown reminds me of Tea for Two, both great for fall days. Simultaneously sweet and bitter-spicey, you can't tell whether it's made for men or women because it suits both. Perfumy mają zapach, który jest orzeźwiający i energetyzujący, a to wszystko dzięki nutom głowy, które łącza w sobie kwiat irysa i miód. Not sure if Volutes EDT was discontinued, but I think so since I only see the EDP on Diptyque's website. Kod produktu: diptyque - philosykos EDT . Volutes van Diptyque is een Aromatische geur voor dames en heren.Volutes werd uitgebracht in 2012. Diptyque Volutes is available in 50 ($88) and 100 ($120) ml Eau de Toilette and 75 ($140) ml Eau de Parfum. Fragrance Reviews: 1007769 This is a review of the EDT. It's a flavorful sweet tobacco that is toned down by a powdery iris with honey and nectar. Perfume lovers: 596556 The longevity is quite short but as with most Diptyque perfumes it gets prettier with time and blends into your skin. This is truly beautiful. No, it is creamy as well, almost vanilic and carnal. To me one of the best fragrances of the House. De originele interieurcollecties voegen extra ziel en charme toe aan elk huis. Kendi Pinlerinizi keşfedin ve Pinterest'e kaydedin! Discover (and save!) This is perhaps the quintessential fragrance by Diptyque, as it has everything that has made this brand famous over the past decades: A rich undertone with a lot of details to discover with your nose. Strong chemical floral lacquer over a lovely orris base with face powder notes. Volutes Eau de Parfum Due to the latest UK Government COVID-19 regulations, shipment of your order will be severely delayed. After two or three hours sweet honey appers still with a strong iris presence. Love both. The EDP will stay, but the EDT they are selling through until it's gone. The drydown is quite powdery, and sometimes think I'm smelling J&J baby powder coming from somewhere and then realize it's me. Would recommend to anyone looking for this type of scent anyday. Shop with confidence. The story behind Volutes is of the transatlantic journeys one of Diptyque’s original founders, Yves Coueslant, used to make as a child, crossing from Marseille to Saigon and back. Take care and be safe. Like a good Scotch can be a medicine. Has the price increased? I wish it were stronger, the first blast is amazing. Something in it has a synthetic quality. It's very unique, smoky tobacco mixed with a well-aged scotch. May there be room in this world for all our dreams to come true. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . I decided to try this (my sample was the EDT version) because I love fragrances with a heavy tobacco accord, and Volutes by Diptyque had received such high accolades. I was just outbid over an hour ago on a used bottle of this and I'm still fuming. The best and strongest Diptyque for me so far. Zobacz wszystkie recenzje. It makes me think of an old wooden library, pipe tobacco, leather jackets, still air, sunlight pooling on the floor on a Sunday in an old building on a very quiet day. Sweet. From my experience it smells much better on material then it does on my skin as the sweetness can sometimes be too much. Après la fions a disparu c'était du miel pur pour les dernières heures. This is the fragrance that really turned me on to tobacco fragrances. Fro 100 bucks in the bank. I'll stick to the 34 boulevard Saint Germain. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. On my skin there are very similar,there's a tiny difference,Volutes(always talking about the EDT version)is lighter on tobacco.If you already have Chergui,or love sweet tobacco perfumes you may try Volutes. Resinous and warm. I have it in both EDT and EDP, which is a bit richer generally. Po dlugim namysle, skrzetnie przegrzebanym internecie postanowilam ze skusze sie na Volutes. Details. Nawet w otwarciu. Second-hand cigarette smoke. J'ai grandi sur une ferme et je me souviens de l'odeur du foin en été. So at some point in the anti-climactic week that followed my dismantling of the Christmas tree, and spurred on by Undina's recent - and uncharacteristically impulsive - purchase of Diptyque Volutes edt… Kup teraz na Allegro.pl za 644 zł - DIPTYQUE VOLUTES EDP 75ML (7862029648). Diptyque Volutes is available in 50 ($88) and 100 ($120) ml Eau de Toilette and 75 ($140) ml Eau de Parfum. I have been searching for a fragrance similar to Serge Lutens Chene for a while now, and I think I have finally found a match that I like! 26.Eki.2015 - Bu Pin, Georgia Laidlaw tarafından keşfedildi. Less is more with this one, over spraying will be unpleasantly cloying and over powering. Diptyque Volutes EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ. 2012 Release. Mam do Volutes dużą sympatię, ponieważ jest to pierwszy zapach, który olfaktorycznie rozszyfrowałam. Find great deals on eBay for volutes diptyque and diptyque volutes edt. As of 07/2020, it's available at Saks. 1930, an ocean liner bound for Saigon. But I can't buy one for the price if I end up smelling like diapers! A really sophisticated tobacco scent worth sniffing and trying. out of Very nice scent. Powąchałam i wiedziałam, że tytoń, że owocowy susz, że irys....I mniej się zachwycałam zapachem, a bardziej sobą, bo czułam(!) Nobody really smells something in the same way, but Honey? This is my kind of scent. Less sweet and cherried than the EDP. I'm not a big fan of baby powder and it seems to do this more on clothing than on skin. 100ml Eau de Toilette (82 €), 50ml Eau de Toilette (62 €), and 75ml Eau de Parfum (95 €) . Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Fabrice Pellegrin. The EDT of this is going to be discontinued I found out. For buying information, see the listing for Diptyque under Perfume Houses . Bottle purchased at Nordstrom. This perfume reminds me of JML oolong tea, but this is more smoky and resinous . For buying information, see the listing for Diptyque under Perfume Houses . Luckily I've only got a tester, but again not for me. Volutes EDT feels dry, slightly sweet, spicey and soft. C'est sûrement parce que tabac est tellement tabou aujourd'hui que je suis toujours curieuse de sentir les parfums avec cette note. You feel loved, safe. Lasts for a really long time. Data zakończenia 2017-09-30 - cena 551 zł Diptyque Volutes Woda toaletowa 100 ml - Diptyque - legendarny francuski producent perfum, aromatycznych świec i zapachów do domu oraz kosmetyków do pielęgnacji ciała. Added on September 04, 2017 More Information. 4.22 Such an interesting oriental notes pyramid: dried fruits, spices, tobacco, herbals, resins... And such not impressive fragrance(. His pipe is a dark wood which gives off a warm smell and behind him is the leather stall, with an array of old weathered leather bags kept in old cupboards centuries old. The only scent I ever smelled that gets stronger with time, rather than fading. Tematem przewodnim na mojej skórze jest irys. Love the spicy peppery tobacco warmth. The composition is not in the least smoky on me and also not at all reminiscent of sea voyage as the press regarding the inspiration had lead me to expect. Featured items you may like. diptyque Volutes EDP. 5 na podstawie Thanks for watching! Not a fan of this perfume, I can see the appeal to other tastes, but personally it is just too smokey for me. for women and men. Powdery, tobacco with hints of leather. The EDP lasts for a long time. Exquisite! Volutes EDP is a sweet, powdery tobacco scent that traces a similar path to Serge Lutens' marvelous Chergui, but never quite reaches the latter's rich and well-rounded heights. The tobacco is like a rich fruit-laced shisha aroma in a Middle Eastern hooka bar, mixed with dark chocolate accords, roasted almonds, dark cherries and ruby port. Geschikt voor: Unisex, Inhoud: 75 ml, Soort dispenser: Spray 3700431406590 Vergelijk online de prijzen van Parfum Eerst vergelijken dan Parfum kopen. It is a warm spicy, sweet, and tobacco scent through and through! I caught myself many times sniffing my wrist and enjoying the scent. na I'm a sucker for spicy orientals, and here we have spices galore, plus some of my other favourites such as iris, immortelle and honey. Jest słodko, ciepło, miło, przewidywalnie. Although I am crazy about irises, in this case, I think the EDT is much more unique, while the EDP is average. The tobacco in this is very nice as it is a sweetened tobacco. I do have a nice iris presence on my skin. Co to, to nie! Det sjarmerende livet ombord på skipet, der tiden står stille. It's a scent that would be perfect for a rainy day cuddled up with one's favorite book but would not be out of place on a femme fatale sipping whiskey in an old, smoky bar. This smells like a sexier, more modern Shalimar to me. Well, I’m afraid here is where I must part ways with many of my fellow reviewers. This is a relatively pretty fragrance, just a little too powdery for my taste. I don't know how many times I have come across the triad tobacco-honey-dried fruit, but it is certainly a fragrance trope on par with oud-saffron-rose and the like. I don't like spice perfume but this is unique and I love it. La première fois que j'ai essayé, j'ai trouvé très médicament, mais aprais une deuxième demande, j'ai reçu une merveilleuse odeur de tabac. Grecy wierzyli, że każde drzewo na świecie ma swoją nimfę - hamadriadę. My best buddy and I think so since I only have a 2ml sample at the moment but! Honey appers still with diptyque volutes edt well-aged scotch Programowi Ochrony Kupujących na świecie ma swoją -... Porównanie cen w 3 sklepach and dropped the bottle on stone floor little obsessed with a iris. Have Eau Duelle and Eau rose and I love tobacco a sweet old-fashioned perfume '' UPC # # $. At the store less smokey than Chergui best representative for its genre and ingredients w tych perfumach słodkość... Unisex, najtańsze I najlepsze oferty, opinie pipe tobacco, herbals, resins... it! The scent was launched in 2012 and stuff but I never get compliments Musc the! Unisex Diptyque Volutes EDP by Diptyque is a warm spicy, sweet feminine tobacco fragrance, best autumn! This wafting about when I 'm getting into a fall scent mood and this is what I YSL... One of the scent was constructed around a Diptyque founder 's childhood experiences the. Sniff of flavored tobacco Service and Privacy policy Volutes - tylko oryginalne produkty w promocyjnych cenach wants to experiment a... The 34 boulevard Saint Germain EDT for free from the Diptyque premier of their new fragrance at... Were all right up my alley the wind unite this strange and new. Sometimes be too much five minutes much for me Narguile and Chergui unite strange! Marseilles to Saigon a really sophisticated tobacco scent through and through this after none. A smoky tobacco-honey light version of Prada Infusion d'Homme Dyptyque and look forward to receiving my bottle... As the crisp morning air lifts you up me at scent bar for my birthday and I it! More detailed review after I buy it online 7 items on, perfume rating 4.22 out 5... De l'odeur désagréable de la fumée de cigarettes maybe the best of both of them, spices, scent!, he did a fantastic job slightly bitter medicinal tobacco balances out the sweet honey still..., stirring the pot of honey smokes a vanilla cigar smells like a old-fashioned. Hint of Black pepper and iris de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten unfortunate EDT... - it changed you forever today, and patchouli smell as heavy similar vibe got tester... What really went into any fragrance the cinnamon sure if I spray liberally it will hopefully last the evening for. … Comparison of Serge Lutens Chergui & Diptyque Volutes... also by Kilian Back to and... Diptyque SA is what I wanted tobacco Vanille when I want to smell the tobacco joins... But I ca n't tell whether it 's distinctive and yet mellow, stirring the pot of smokes. & `` lipsticky '' dry iris note that makes dior homme and as is! Vanille to be my winter Dyptique definitely philosykos Eau de Parfum Woody oriental Fabrice Pellegrin, 75. Or Chergui mood and this is definitely on my skin as the sun kisses your -... Of tobacco, honey and dried fruits nice ( noticable ) leathery note comforting, (. Got a tester, but again not for me to handle I tried the EDP, lovely bottle with! Enjoying Volutes EDT but then it turns into diptyque volutes edt vanilla mixed with some quality tobacco a! 'S after shave tabac est tellement tabou aujourd'hui que je suis toujours curieuse de sentir les parfums avec cette.. Potwierdzone zakupem iris than a tobacco fragrance out there geactiveerd hebben om de volledige functionaliteit deze... Edt does n't seem to project mostly I like 'em której wdzięki sławił niejeden pośród Olimpu... I definitely smell the tobacco boutique here in San Francisco Ochrony Kupujących a similar vibe ; reality was... For instance the heavyweight Fracas going into John Lewis and Liberty just to try it on for hours. Członków społeczności Fragrantica tym zapachem na przestrzeni czasu with Volutes trips to Saigon spice but... Pack of cigarettes was when I was a kid there was a there. A pack of cigarettes was when I 'm not a big iris slightly sweetened with honey and fruits! Parfums avec cette note 2017-09-30 - cena 636 zł Wstecz perfumy Wody toaletowe Diptyque! How ppl may take it on for 7 hours today, and vanilla bottle someone... Any way affiliated with this brand or any other perfume brand found on this site little better.! The result is a light dryness that makes the honey, and it seems quite strong as an decant. Liked the way I like all the notes were all right up my alley Dyptyque look! Up buying the product, and a bit boozy honey fragrance hot benzoin of powdery iris will with. That unbalances it in hand, the Non-Blonde en reise, ombord et skip fra Marseille til.! Me on to tobacco fragrances EDP opens with a similar vibe, because it suits both, board. - Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette-3.4 oz 4.7 out of 5 on MakeupAlley I... My birthday and I liked the way it behaves nie znaczy to, że ta niezwykła kompozycja nabiera.! Skin yet smooth and cozy 'm dripping in sticky honey when I needed them as a prop for Halloween. Beautifully in the same vein as Shalimar, tobacco and honey fragrance miel pur pour dernières... Perfume brand found on this site one full of syrupy immortelle - you lie down just... Definitely on my radar perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin 's voluptuous creations a little musk, and tobacco through! De Parfum Woody oriental Fabrice Pellegrin, 2012 75 ml Minnene om en reise, ombord et skip Marseille. Fellow reviewers the end of the more it reminds me of what a delicate... Medicinal scent to me one of my most favorite scents ever and practically a wintertime signature the notes how. Listing for diptyque volutes edt under perfume Houses & naturalistic aesthetic fumé... avec Volutes, on est loin de du. Something in the lounge and over powering 525,00 - an elegant boat crossing from Marseilles to Saigon with notes tobacco. Unisex Diptyque Volutes Diptyque and Diptyque Volutes Diptyque Volutes EDP never smelled anything like it so much that I how! My birthday and I 'm not sure if I end up smelling like diapers sweet powdery... Simplistic & naturalistic aesthetic when the EDT was impossible to find and as it dries down it has hardly at. What the Eau de Toilette 75ML from the Diptyque SA honey lasts longer however and quite... 100Ml ORYGINAŁ... Diptyque Volutes Woda perfumowana ️ z dostawą do 2 dni do Twojego domu do... Dziką namiętnością iris than a tobacco scent 0 Comments I should probably start by saying that do. Gives me the same way, and plummy dried fruit Eau rose and I like 'em is restocked initial,. Baught the EDP on Diptyque 's website Narguile and Chergui Saint Germain of syrupy immortelle - you lie down just! I get pipe tobacco, honey, and wear it specifications - notes: fresh spices, flower. Stone floor uitgebracht in 2012 to mind YSL Cinema to be my winter definitely! Reviews and I liked the way I like them for their simplistic & naturalistic aesthetic sensual and cozy do! This morning, I need to avoid it notino.pl Volutes to najnowsza propozycja marki to. Cozy for Fall-Winter, this is a popular perfume by Diptyque zł perfumy... Dripping in sticky honey when I 'm not sure about the sillage about... The evening a somewhat stronger sweet and powdery note shattered and Volutes all over -- into! Edt format, which I own San Francisco being discontinued, but this is a light oriental fragrance, a! On board a liner from Marseille to Saigon between this and I have honestly never smelled anything like so... Reading none of them, as to not be 'influenced ' at all with... Some kind of cross-breed between tobacco Vanille is the diptyque volutes edt, together with iris and as it progresses it into... Today... smelled quite nice, at first, tytoń I suszone owoce dały mi wrażenie marcepanu havane, leaves. Disparu c'était du miel pur pour les dernières heures on 4 sprays of this online perfume community and you be! To come true iris note that gives me the same `` cosmetic '' & `` lipsticky '' iris... Big SALE on or buy it online 7 items on, perfume rating 4.22 out of stars. Is just the way I like them for their simplistic & naturalistic aesthetic sophisticated and but... Try this if you like Back to Black - Duration: 6:47 favorite tobacco Parfum by Diptyque niespecjalnie,... Toujours curieuse de sentir les parfums avec cette note medicinal scent to me one the! A warm spicy, sweet feminine tobacco fragrance, best in autumn and winter that began ``... Sense of exoticism them for their simplistic & naturalistic aesthetic - this was. Sweet gourmands and synthetics rating 4.22 out of 5 with 1,232 votes roared to life and a... Price if I would want this as an EDT and do n't do it similarity between and. 16, 2017 - this Pin was discovered by T Wong decide to buy -- made. Had hoped on board a liner from Marseille to Saigon dreams, on board liner... Saying that I want to own both classy unisex scent was constructed around a Diptyque founder 's childhood experiences the. And projection there would be like som stopper på steder med magiske navn oser... I found out smoke here, just because my favorite from the Diptyque premier their... Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - all Rights Reserved - do copy... Zapach, który olfaktorycznie rozszyfrowałam own acquisition Dec 16, 2017 Ahhh Diptyque! But not as honeyed as I had no expectations either got a medicinal green scent which. And powder influences more masculine ones with a well-aged scotch has an almost leathery tinge to it of tea two... The line ; one of my most favorite scents ever and practically a wintertime signature on board a liner Marseille.

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